What Our Customers Say About Us

We’re Reliable...

“We knew we needed an integrated controller but were concerned about the higher purchase price over our modular box units. The Pulse Controller fit our needs because it was affordable and offered advanced technological features that save us time and money. Our personnel have all commented on how easy they are to use and that they are reliable.”
Corporate Process Manager
“I prepared a very detailed product comparison between the Pulse and another leading integrated controller. We decided to buy the Pulse because it met our technical requirements and was easier to use. Fast Heat also supplied a trial unit in much less time.”
Marathon Special Products, Bowling Green, Ohio

We’re Precise...

“We need Pulse to achieve the critical gate temperature control required to mold thin wall parts with challenging part geometries.”
Advanced Drainage Systems, Hamilton, Ohio
“We bought our first Pulse controller because of the improvements we would see in mold and controller maintenance. We continue to realize those savings as well as savings in production set-up and ease-of-use. Our other Plant Managers are taking notice.”
Rehrig Pacific Company, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
“We had a problem molding Santoprene onto a pre-molded polyproplyene part. We were experiencing inconsistency in part quality, ranging from short-shots to flashing. Fast Heat supplied a 12-Zone Controller. We immediately began producing quality finished parts.”
Process Engineer

We’re Efficient...

“Feedback from Waterfall/Energy Study: ‘Great news. The CPK data shows that parts molded using the Pulse were 12 percent closer to the mean on average. All parts were in tolerance (both controllers) but the ID in the critical dimension area varied 12 percent above and below the reference point with the MSI controller. Doesn’t sound like much but that number is huge when you look at the mating part and how it must fit.”
Cavaform International, Florida Power & Light Energy Study, St. Petersburg, Florida
“The most important factor for us is how simple it is to use. Everything is easy to get to and modify. We don’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up or using it. The Pulse is also more efficient than other controllers by the way it provides power.”
Becton Dickenson Biosciences, Durham, North Carolina

We’re Flexible...

“When our local government mandated that all equipment be certified to special electrical requirements, Fast Heat is the only company who responded and carried through on their commitment. We are buying our next controller from Fast Heat.”
Plant Electrician
“The controller is great!! We have not had any of the issues with this tool like were seeing before.”
Revere Plastics, Clyde, Ohio
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