Success Stories
The Right Questions Reveal Our Best Solutions.

Our customers manufacture plastic parts for every possible industry. Yet they all have one thing in common—the need to produce high quality parts. Sometimes variations in their process get in the way of this goal and so they call Fast Heat.

Fast Heat troubleshoots our customers’ biggest “pain points” by asking the right questions first to provide the best solution with our customizable hot runner controllers.

1. Are you burning material such as Nylon 6-6? Or notice discoloration on your parts?

Fast Heat Solution: Our 24-Zone Ion controller replaced our customer’s old modular controller system. The burning issue stopped after 15 minutes of producing parts. Our controllers are constantly tuning upon start-up.

2. Have you noticed parts with stringing which is hard to control? Perhaps the tooling is older with worn components.

Fast Heat Solution: Our Pulse 32-Zone controller replaced another high-end controller. Due to Pulse’s precise temperature control, we were able to reduce drop temperatures to eliminate the stringing effect after 60 minutes of producing parts. There were no modifications made to the tool.

3. Is your equipment down due to lack of service or long lead-time on replacement parts?

Fast Heat Solution: We provided a Pulse 16-Zone controller on demo at customer site. After collecting 60,000 temperature data points, customer realized Pulse controller was 8% tighter in holding set point temperature. This had a favorable impact on part quality.

4. Are you experiencing short shots or have tough to fill components? Perhaps with expensive material or Santoprene?

Fast Heat Solution: Our Ion 12-Zone controller replaced another high-end controller. The problem went away immediately. There were no changes to the material specification.

5. Do you have challenging programs requiring a custom controller? Such as 40 Amp zones needing precise temperature controller?

Fast Heat Solution: Working together with the customer on this program, we designed a custom Pulse 12-Zone controller capable of handling 40 amps per zone. In efforts to support manufacturing, this controller was fully equipped with safety features including a fuse indicator panel.
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