Great Customer Service Happens Every Day!

Innovation is our greatest tool, one that is sparked by the customer relationships we form every day by the simple act of being available. We answer our phones. We meet in person. We follow-up.

Couple this customer focus with our technical know-how and manufacturing experience we get to one place—our customers’ trust.

At Fast Heat, we offer our customers specialized services including:

NEW Rebuild Program!

Fast Heat's Rebuild Program quickly diagnoses potential problems in hard working controllers. ALL Fast Heat controllers receive an extended one-year warranty upon completion of this service.

Comprehensive Rebuild Program for Fast Heat Hot Runner Temperature Controllers includes:

  • Controller diagnostics and performance review — check all features and functions.
  • Remove and clean filters.
  • Check all fans for proper operation. Remove any obstructions.
  • Inspect circuit breakers.
  • Power on control and check for all zone operation.
  • Grounding.
  • Alert customer to any repairs/parts replacement needed.
  • Proceed with repairs/replacement parts upon approval.
  • Replacement parts are itemized and quoted separately.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Cables & Connectors Program

The smallest items such as cables, connectors and pins can have an impact on the overall performance of your temperature controllers, molds and production work cell. Fast Heat will refurbish your non-working pile of cables and connectors into the “like new” condition you can count on once again—while saving you a pile of money!

Cables, Mold Connectors, I/O Connectors and Mold Boxes

  • Inspect existing equipment. Replace components as needed.
  • Pins missing/pushed back and repair where necessary.
  • Hood side pins broken/missing.
  • Latches off, missing or broken.
  • Pins missing or pushed back.
  • Mold box bent and/or not closing properly.
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