Our High-Cavitation Controller Exceeds Your Highest Standards

High cavity molds are among your company’s most important assets. The high quality part volume you must produce on a daily basis is directly related to how well your tools perform—without fail.

At Fast Heat, we understand the complexities of your materials and the precise temperatures you require. You need to use nylon 6-6, hold tight temperature profiles, run production with older tooling and slightly worn parts.

The Pulse’s advanced technology allows you to determine the optimal specifications for your production cycle, protects your heaters and thermocouples, helps prevent operator error and keeps your tooling—working.

The Pulse:

  • Controls 26 Zones and Above.
  • Can Withstand Tough Industrial Environments.
  • Uses Constant Tuning-Adaptive Learning PID Algorithm.
  • Reduces Failures, Downtime. Increases Productivity.
  • Is Easy to Use with Four-Color Display Screens.
  • Doesn’t Glitch, Crash or Lock-Up Like PC-Based Systems.

With the Pulse on your production floor, your machinery is protected, your productivity increases and your customers come back for the high quality parts they know you’ll produce—every time.

Capture the most with your PULSE when you complement it with one of our checkers below.

The Pulse Hot Runner Temperature Controller brings a whole new dynamic to your plastic injection molding process. Innovative control at your fingertips, set to your exacting requirements—highly engineered, yet easy-to-use technology at work for you. This high-cavitation controller can handle all the temperature-related variations in your molding process quietly and efficiently, making even your most challenging projects easier than you imagined they could be.

The Pulse always stands at attention on your plant floor, calmly monitoring all the parameters you’ve set for it—up to 180 zones! Its self-intuitive, four-color menu screens make it so easy to navigate, you won’t need a manual (though you’ll still get one). And naming zones, slaving zones, saving recipes are completed as quickly as you can press a few buttons.

At its core, the Pulse’s advanced and constantly tuning PID technology keeps your tool at the precise temperature, avoiding expensive material waste and downtime. The Pulse is the pinnacle of what the Fast Heat brand is all about—true Innovation in Control.

What's inside the Pulse? Complex technology that's easy-to-operate and ensures your molds turn your most challenging materials with tightest tolerances into the high quality parts you're proud to offer your customers. With advanced features, multifunctional displays and ability to interface directly with your molding machine, you'll quickly realize why the Pulse is an asset to your plant floor. Its sleek engineering protects your company's tooling—from saving your thermocouples to preventing operator error. Indicator LEDs let you know when the power is being applied to the heater. And with our exclusive 'waterfall' feature that optimally applies energy to all zones, just starting-up your Pulse will help you save on energy costs.

Behind every Pulse Controller is the precise configuration of heater and thermocouple inputs and outputs that are customized to your tooling needs. In their protective industrial-strength sheet metal housing, your connections stay safe in the toughest environments.

Make the right connections! They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In hot runner injection molding, sometimes that weak link is in your connectors. That’s why we use the best connectors in the industry, so that pushed-in pins, misalignment and other mishaps don’t short out your system. Ask your Fast Heat sales or support representative to help you configure the right cables and connectors for your mold machines.

At Fast Heat, we take temperature control to a whole new level of ease. Try it for yourself with our in-depth tour of the Pulse and find out how simple it is to operate Fast Heat's highly-engineered hot-runner temperature controllers.
The Pulse hot-runner temperature controller has a lot of bells and whistles—but they all add up to better temperature performance. Check out all the ways you can upgrade your Pulse to be the hardest working temperature controller you've ever operated.
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