Pulse Hot Runner Controller Demo
“Innovation in Control”

Simple - Plug it In. Turn it On. Set/Select Recipe. Run. 

  • Bake-Out automatically bakes out moisture from heaters to prevent shorts. 
  • Evensoak automatically ramps up your hot runner by group for even expansion, so you won't have to remember to come back and turn on your drops or worse yet turn everything on at once.  
  • Quickly adjust set points by groups within your hot half.  
  • Auto or manual slave off other thermocouples. 
  • Easily see alarms including temperature, amperage, percent power, thermocouple conditions and heater conditions. 
  • Reassign thermocouple designations if there is a miswire in the hot runner junction box. 
  • Boost or Idle with one button. 
  • Assign security levels. 

Practical and High Tech - Always Working for You! 
  • ATP™ (Active Thermocouple Protection) - Automatically protects thermocouples from short circuit current leakage while improving thermocouple signal accuracy. 
  • Extremely accurate, constant tuning PID algorithm, with 50msec sampling rate and 8.33msec power increments prevents scrap and enables tight processing windows. 
  • Embedded software and industrial grade components ensure long-lasting reliability. 
  • Waterfall Technology™ reduces peak KWh consumption. 
  • Simple, color display is easy to use and you’re never more than one click away from the main page. 
  • USB for screen captures. 
  • VNC Viewer for remote monitoring or creating/editing recipes. 
  • I/O is optional on Pulse – great for IMM and other integrations using contact relays. 
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