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You know your manufacturing process better than anyone. That’s why Fast Heat offers you flexibility, customization and confidence in your control.

Working with Fast Heat, you can customize your selected controller by specifying how many zones you need, what types of identification schemes you want, the connectors required and more.

Fast Heat also gives you many upgrading choices that make your controller even more flexible—and powerful—than ever.

Consider some of these diagnostic tools, components and accessories when you are placing your order for an Ion Series or Pulse Series hot runner injection molding controller.

  • CableXChecker®
  • MoldXChecker®
  • Smart Mold Box
  • Remote Display Head Cable
  • Upgraded Wire Harness
  • And assorted male and female connectors.

We even carry those hard-to-find parts, including connectors, latches, pins, triacs, fuses and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs).


1. CableXChecker®: The CableXChecker is unique to the marketplace because each tester is customized to your specific wiring diagram standards. Simply plug your cable into the mounted connectors and test each individual zone in both thermocouple and heater cables by using the dial on the instrument panel to rotate through each zone. Bright blue LEDs will light-up in the order of the wiring diagram. If a problem is detected, the LED will not light, indicating an open in the cable. If more than one LED illuminates, there is a short in the cable. A test lead is also included to probe for pushed back pins and other problems in the connector insert.

2. MoldXChecker®: The MoldXChecker hot runner mold testing system keeps your hot half healthy. The MoldXChecker prevents line-down situations by quickly identifying shorts, opens, and resistance values in heaters and thermocouples.

3. Smart Mold Box: The Fast Heat Smart Mold Box is smart because it protects thermocouples from common mode leakage and short circuit conditions. The mold box is fastened to your mold and will hook up to your heater and thermocouple cables, coming from the Fast Heat controller

4. Dual Zone Power Module: This easy to replace power module is designed with exclusive circuitry that ensures longer triac life, easy maintenance and reliable operation. The dual zone power module can control up to two zones at 4200 watts each (240vac, 17.5Amps – fused at 20amps)

5. Dual Latch Base with Cover: Keep your connectors corrosion-free and protected from harsh environmental elements

6. Upgraded Wire Harness: The upgraded wire harness lets you expand your Ion or Pulse beyond your initial configuration, giving you greater flexibility to use it on the bigger tools on your plant floor.

7. Remote Display Head Cable: When floor space is at a premium, the remote head cable allows you to park your controller behind the molding machine for optimum flexibility

The Ion hot-runner temperature controller has a lot of bells and whistles--but they all add up to better temperature performance.  Check out all the ways you can upgrade your Ion to be the hardest working temperature controller you've ever operated.
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