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Our Plastics Expertise Spans All Industries
Regardless of your industry, Fast Heat supports your temperature control needs and challenging manufacturing requirements to make process more consistent and stable—from start to finish.


Your parts improve the efficiency of every major appliance sold. That’s good for your customers’ customers. And good for the environment. Fast Heat wants to make sure you become as efficient as the parts you make—so that every part you make, continues to make an impact.


Everything under the hood. And the dash. And trim parts. Your production is key to making vehicles function better—with looks to match. At Fast Heat, our goal is to help you function better—with parts to match. Stay on top of your global competitiveness and profitability by eliminating imperfect parts before they escape.


When we think of our customers in this industry, we think of finely designed products that are beautiful to behold. That entice the consumer. That are functional, yet elegant. No warping or other imperfections will be tolerated. Fast Heat will help you mold your specialized parts right—the first time!


Lives may depend on your specialized parts. That’s why we want to make sure every part you turn out is perfect and ready to do its job—every time. Our controller will arrive calibrated and ready to go. If you need documentation and validation, just let us know.


If ever precision counted, it is for your military contracts. Highly sensitive, highly designed parts with very short turnaround times are the order of the day. That’s why Fast Heat offers you the confidentiality and commitment that will result in repeat orders for these vital, high quality parts for the most valuable systems.


Thousands. Millions. You make parts by the bundle. Talk about no time for downtime! The more parts you make, the bigger the challenges you have. Pre-Heat Stations. Tooling Start-up. Our software features will protect your company’s high-cavitation tooling and equipment—and keep you up and running. And running.
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