Core Competencies & Certifications
Fast Heat Technology: Unlike Any Other.

At Fast Heat, all we think about are algorithms. Circuit boards. Interface. We’ve combined these three intrinsic technological features into hot runner temperature controllers and devices that are highly intuitive, easy-to-use and more precise than any other you’ve ever experienced.

Sophisticated engineering is at the heart of what we do. Combined with robust technology that is customized to function according to your exacting manufacturing needs, we’ve proven that our hot runner controllers can match the advanced sequencing and recipe profiles required for high quality control.

We’ve also made our technologies easy-to-operate, so that no matter the shift, our technology will keep your machinery running consistently 24/7.

We know that the industrial and manufacturing environments our controllers and devices will find themselves in are harsh and for most other technologies—brutal. That’s why we’ve built our technologies with industrial strength to withstand the most punishing conditions.

We Put Our Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Through Rigorous Stress-Testing—So Our Customers Can Relax.

Fast Heat helps you avoid unnecessary downtime—and the significant cost and stress associated with it—by subjecting our controllers to the strenuous testing regimens of both HALT and EST. We know our long-lived controllers will operate safely in your environment because they are certified by the strictest agencies in the world, including CSA, UL, ETL and CE.

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