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Our Customized Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Reduce Downtime and Save Money.

At Spark Industries, we want to make your work easier. Your production more productive. Your life better. That’s why we’ve built our business finding ways to eradicate your greatest plastics manufacturing challenges—by innovating, automating and proving to be the most reliable partner in the industry.

This driving force is evident in our hot runner controllers. Whether you require our low cavitation Ion or high cavitation Pulse, every one of our controllers supports our proprietary algorithm that prevents temperature variations, thereby ending—once and for all—the stringing, burning, short shot and shear that may drag down your part quality, reputation and overall bottom line. By partnering with Fast Heat by Spark Industries, you’ll save significant time and cost savings throughout your production cycles—and find out how quickly your controller pays for itself.

Spark Industries is owned and operated by long-time Production Manager, Manny Diaz and former General Manager, Chad Root. We acquired Fast Heat's hot runner controls and diagnostics product lines in December 2020.

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