Your Tools and Molders are Specialized.  Our Controllers are Customized.

Every part you create has a certain trait that makes it unique to your business.  Your tooling and molds are so specialized at producing the products you've developed that you need a dependable and technologically advanced hot runner controller that reflects your high quality standards--without fail.

Fast Heat's Ion and Pulse Series controllers take the guesswork out of your process by maintaining the precise temperatures you require for your applications--because we customize them to work with your tool.

Our low-cavitation Pulse alleviate the burning, stringing, short shot and other persistent problems caused by inconsistent temperature control.

With Fast Heat hot runner temperature controllers, you can:

  • Easily work with hard-to-run materials, including Nylon 6-6, Santoprene and Xymox
  • Output quality hard-to-run parts that have thin walls, small sizes, co-injected or overmolded
  • Eliminate most stringing and burning situations attributed to temperature control
  • Save and secure your unique recipes
  • Avoid downtime
  • and more!
You're highly invested in your plant and equipment.  Make sure your parts reflect that high-stakes investment by ensuring quality with Fast Heat hot runner controllers.

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