Your productivity needs to increase!
Quarter over quarter, year over year.

Rising material costs, increasing pressures on timelines, resources, equipment and above all -- quality control, are putting strains on your production line.

You have no time for downtime.

At Fast Heat,, we understand the manufacturing pressures you face in the global economy.  That's why we stand behind you with our state-of-the-art hot runner temperature control systems that are performance driven, customized, designed to save you money--and made in the USA!  What's more, our customer service is the best in the industry, so that if you ever need us, we'll be here.


Our low-cavitation controller (up to 24 zones) has high impact on your quality control.  With a powerful core, you will want to check out everything this little machine has to offer.
The Cable Checker is custom-built to show your wiring diagram and includes your specified connectors.  Simply plug in your cable and rotate the switch through the zones to verify continuity, find opens and identify miswires.
Example Combo for DME standard: On the controller side - 25 pin for both heater and t/c. On the mold side - 25 pin for the heater and a 10 pin, a 16 pin and 24 pin for t/cs. Just specify your preferred connector combination with your order.
The SmartMold™ Hot Runner Mold Box saves time and money by protecting thermocouples (t/c) in the hot-half and t/c modules in the hot runner controller from direct-shorted heaters...
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